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Food Delite is an authentic Italian online gourmet store, result of an ambitious project made by people with over 20 years experience in Thailand in the F&B industry. Our aim is to deliver high quality products directly to your doorstep, making your shopping process quick and convenient and ensuring your food satisfaction through a powerful yet simple online grocery platform.

All our products are handled with care and we guarantee you the best offer and food traceability. We carefully pick our products, ensuring to bring to Thailand food items tailored to the Thai market`s needs and iconic of the Italian excellence at the same time.

As Italians, we are passionate about food and we understand the quality of products, which makes Italian food so unique in the world. We constantly look for the best, new and exciting food items produced according to the authentic Italian tradition and its taste, with no artificial colours or preservatives. Each product is carefully sourced selecting only the best from each category through upscale producers and Italian farmers, weekly imported by aircraft and conveniently supplied 6 days a week.

In light of a fast-changing market and because of the demand of private clients, we are also flexible and able to adapt rapidly.


Food Delite ultimate objective is providing you the finest quality of products, everyday.


All portioned and sliced products are prepared freshly upon order receival by our staff, they are not prepacked – to preserve quality and freshness.  There can be a slight variation on the final weight due to the fact that our staff will portion them from whole piece - to ensure maximum quality. 


6 days a week home delivery


Fine quality products selected and packed with care


We pick only the freshest products

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