Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil Mongetto - 78gr

Cantabrian Anchovies in Olive Oil Mongetto - 78gr

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13/14 pcs - 11/12 cm each one.

Cantabrian anchovies are prized for their quality, meaty fillets ranging from reddish brown to light caramel with flavor that is the ideal balance of oil, sea salt, and fish.


The Cantabrian anchovies fishing occurs mostly in the month of May, and from this date is when the salting process begins.

The fish is caught by trawls and the fish are beaten to expel the blood. Subsequently, they are descaled and cleaned and placed in brine for a while and subsequently washed and placed in vegetable oil, which for the Cantabrian anchovies is usually extra virgin olive oil, in line with the high quality of the raw material and care elaboration.

The quality of this product can be seen in the size of the anchovy, its cleanliness and absence of thorns and its fair proportion of salt, justifying the well-deserved reputation of the Cantabrian anchovies.

As it is a raw fish processing, the health administrations require great precautions and safety measures for the consumer, which of course the Cantabrian Anchovy complies with 100%. Likewise, it should be noted that this product thus prepared is considered a semi-preservation, so it must be preserved in a cold bind.