Dried Kratom Leaves – 100gr

Dried Kratom Leaves – 100gr

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Thailand is known for its kratom, as all three kratom strains (green, red, and white) grow in Thailand and offer a rich array of fantastic benefits. Thai Kratom is widely regarded as the most popular strain among Kratoms that originate from others countries. These types of strains are unique because their properties provide more potent effects compared to other strains.

Green Lab quality is key when it comes to Kratom. As such, we ensure that our Kratom is carefully cultivated, harvested, dried, and processed as per international regulations. Our Kratom powder is closely and finely grounded to the consistency of powdered floor to ensure that it’s easily dissolved and quickly absorbed into your system.

To ensure that our Thai Kratom is pure and of higher quality, we ensure that each batch we receive from our farmers is thoroughly tested as per the international regulations. Each screened is tested 6 plus times for heavy metals, microbes, and alkaloid concentrations. Packaging is also done in a climate-controlled room to ensure that microbes – airborne or otherwise, do not find their way into the powder.

Thai Kratom leaves are have been picked and collected from the farms, the best leaves are selected and then thoroughly cleaned with running water to ensure that no debris, dirt, or dust is left on the surface. This is a crucial phase as it would be difficult to pinpoint any traces of contamination after the leaves have been ground.


Kratom dosage depends on many different factors, and each individual is different.

But a general guide for Thai Kratom dosage and its associated effects is

Focus & Concentration: 1-2 grams

Moderate Discomfort Alleviation & Moderate Focus : 3-4 grams

Relaxation & Pain Alleviation: 4-6 grams