E.V.O. Oil Producer's Reserve D.O.P. Accademia Olearia (Sardinia) - 500ml

E.V.O. Oil Producer's Reserve D.O.P. Accademia Olearia (Sardinia) - 500ml

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The producer’s reserve represents one of the points of excellence of Accademia Olearia. lt is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the result of a careful selection of olives, harvested while still completely green, and joined to a cold process of transformation that takes place in context with the harvest. The result is a product with a firm structure with a scent of olives, a Green fruity flavour, fresh and pungent, with firm hints of artichokes and thistles, as well as strong hints of bitter and spicy that are pleasing o n the palate.


This product’s particular intensity makes it an element of prominence far the dishes from our kitchen. lt definitely goes well with wild game and dishes of particular intensity. Using it in its raw state enhances its qualities.
Store the product in a cool dry place.

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