E.V.O. Oil Laudemio Cantagallo (Tuscany) - 500 ml

E.V.O. Oil Laudemio Cantagallo (Tuscany) - 500 ml

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Laudemio Cantagallo is a superior Extravergin Olive Oil quality obtained directly from our owned olives only with mechanical proceedings .

It’s ideal as seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes. The Laudemio, according to the medieval tradition was that part of oil for the Signore = owner therefore it had to be of the best selection. We still make our Laudemio Cantagallo is made from the variety of Frantoio,Moraiolo and Leccino, harvested early and milled within few hours from the harvest on our olive mill. The conservation is made inoxidizable tanks with controlled temperature and oxygen free. Our attention to the quality and to all the working phases allow us to keep for 2 years our Laudemio Cantagallo.

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