E.V.O. Oil Lorenzo N.5 (Sicily) - 500ml

E.V.O. Oil Lorenzo N.5 (Sicily) - 500ml

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Lorenzo N°5 is a simply unique oil obtained after much intense research: the careful selection of a single olive variety (Nocellara del Belice), the extraction process that gently removes the stone from the olive without harming the pulp, then under careful observation, the pulp is pressed at very low temperatures using an Alfa-Laval mill. The stone removal process eliminates the bitter component of the olive, thereby creating an intensely golden oil of noted creaminess with a delicately spiced aroma.


Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice.


Delicately spicy and floral.


Soft flavour of olives with noted creaminess.


To perfect great dishes and in place of cream to amplify flavours. Perfect in pastry.