Fusilli Alla Carbonara My Instant Pasta di Canossa - 70gr

Fusilli Alla Carbonara My Instant Pasta di Canossa - 70gr

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Only natural raw materials with no chemical additives or food colours are used in the sauces of our new Instant Pasta.


Quick and tasty pasta with dehidrated ready souce! Discover My Instant Pasta di Canossa!

Genuine ingredients and passion to prepare a dish celebrated all over the world, made in Italy to the core.  We only use high quality ingredients for a 100% italian taste!

My Instant Pasta preserves the quality of the ingredients thanks to the new technologies, to guarantee you an healthy dish prepared according to the best Italian tradition.


The Pasta is produced in the Pasta factory inside the Tenuta Cuniola, in San Martino – Ferrara, with the same care and passion we use to produce our Km 0 Pasta di Canossa.


The Cheese is carefully choosen to prepeare the different taste of My Instant Pasta sauce, and giving you a 100% natural favor.


All the vegetables in our sauces are 100% genuine! The generous quantity of sauce and its quality contained in each cup, make My Instant Pasta’ tastes unique and creamy.


We use only spices and herbs without any chemical additives or palm oil to prepare My Instant Pasta’s sauce. Only natural and top quality ingredients can guarantee you the quality of a healthy and tasty dish.