Guanciale Cured Pork Jowl Sano (Amatrice) - 200gr

Guanciale Cured Pork Jowl Sano (Amatrice) - 200gr


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THE GUANCIALE AMATRICIANO, indispensable for the famous Amatriciana pasta, is obtained from the throat of the pig, salted and seasoned with spices well before moving on to the drying stage. Removed from the salt, drained and tied with string, the Guanciale is left to be seasoned with pepper, a touch that enhances its flavor and gives it character without altering the taste. The aging process lasts a period of three months.



The factory is located in the municipality of Accumoli, an ancient village in the heart of Amatrician territory, which has always boasted a rich cuisine and an important History, and where the experience and culture of the “master butchers”, inherited by the Castelli family, are perfectly integrated with modern dietary requirements.

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