Kad Kokoa Dark Chocolate 70% - Single Origin Chumphon - 55gr

Kad Kokoa Dark Chocolate 70% - Single Origin Chumphon - 55gr

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Chumphon, the gateway to the south of Thailand, accommodates the Horticultural Research Centre responsible for the research and development of national robusta coffee, coconuts, and cacao beans. We work with the Centre in exchanging the post-harvesting know-how so the farmers in the region can learn from the Centre to improve their production and thus, their quality of life. Strong cacao body with notes of ripe grapes and red berries.


Taste notes: Cacao body, ripe grapes, red berries.


Ingredients: 70% Cacao, 30% Organic Sugar.


Gold medal at AVPA Awards 2021, category dark chocolate single origin with no additives except sugar.


No additives, no dairy.


About Kad Kokoa

Single Origin Thai Chocolate

Locally sourced and crafted with passion since 2018


Kad Kokoa is a Thai Craft Chocolate Maker

We do dedicatedly Thai chocolate, meaning that we want to highlight the natural taste notes developed during the lifetime of a cacao bean. The type of tree, characteristics of the soil, weather and climate, fermentation, roasting profile and processing are only a few of the elements that make beans taste different from one another. By doing 'Single Origin Chocolate', we highlight the taste developed by the environment in one specific region of Thailand for each bar, with as few interventions as possible: we don't use any sort of additives, not even cacao butter. Only 2 ingredients: Cacao and Organic Cane Sugar


We also make 'Inclusion bars', in which we try to honour the natural notes of our chocolate with other ingredients locally sourced: fruits, seeds, spices...


In our factory we process the chocolate at the highest quality standards: we have different roasting profiles for each type of beans, and QC at each different step. If the chocolate doesn't "have a soul" once ready, we are not releasing it.


Enjoy our vision of what a Thai chocolate should taste like and let us know your feeling!