Crusco Pepper PGI Sauce - 230gr

Crusco Pepper PGI Sauce - 230gr

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The delicate taste of crusco pepper meets tomato sauce to become the first crusco ketchup. With an extremely delicate flavor and a characteristic bright red color, created with 100% Italian tomato and Senise IGP pepper. Gluten-free, with no added preservatives or dyes, our crusco pepper ketchup is a novelty for the eyes and the palate.

Thanks to its sweet and delicate flavor, it is ideal to accompany particularly tasty dishes, such as fried fish, battered vegetables and tartare or red meat burgers, fried or baked potatoes.


Peperone di Senise PGI is the protagonist of the typical Lucanian dish par excellence: fried in boiling oil and salted they become “cruschi” which in the Lucanian dialect means crunchy.

The "zafaran crusck", a purely dialectal term, goes very well with both fresh and seasoned cheeses, soups or salads, cured meats, first or second courses