Lardo di Arnad D.O.P. Pork Lard  - 300gr

Lardo di Arnad D.O.P. Pork Lard - 300gr

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The Arnad Lard P.O.D. (Protected Designation of Origin) is a tasty and fragrant cured meat that has been seasoned with salt, spices and mountain aromas that make it a product as unique as it is unrepeatable.


The lard is obtained from the back of the pig that, cleaned of excess fat, arrives in the production plants to be properly processed.

Within 48 hours of slaughter, the back of the pig, cut into rectangular pieces, is placed in special wooden containers (strictly made from native durmast oak, chestnut or larch wood) called Doils, in which it undergoes a special seasoning process.

The lard is placed on the table as a sliced product: its sweet taste means that it can be enjoyed as an appetizer, combined with black bread and honey. Its eclectic character means that it can also be used as a seasoning in the preparation of polenta and venison dishes.

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