"Opera Olei Box Degustazione" 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100ml each

"Opera Olei Box Degustazione" 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 100ml each

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6 Italian producers for 6 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Excellences 


There are six producers of monocultivar extra virgin olive oil among the best in the Italian territory. Six young and talented producers interpreting a cultivation and production system focused on quality. From Trentino Agraria Riva del Garda, Frantoio Franci from Tuscany, Azienda Agraria Viola from Umbria, from Calabria Olearia San Giorgio, from Puglia Mimì and Frantoi Cutrera from Sicily.


The oils of the Consortium

The maximum expression of the best monocultivars meticulously selected give life to six elegant oils of different intensities and with very specific and distinct characteristics and personalities. From golden yellow to more intense green, they contain and release the skill and passion of those who produced them in every drop.


This is Opera Olei.


The packaging

Practical and clear pack, easy to handle and with an innovative design, it contains 6 bottles of 100 ml of Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil, sorted by intensity.
The Artbox also contains two useful leaflets. In one, combinations of the Consortium's oils and the most appetizing recipes are suggested; in the other the characteristics of the oils and their producers are told by giving an original poster.


Ideal for a gift or for tasting.

Not a simple condiment, but an ingredient that can make every recipe a special dish, a chef's dish. From appetizers to desserts, from pasta to risotto, from fish to meat, from caprese to pizza and why not even ice cream, sorbets and chocolate desserts. A collection of easy-to-make recipes for gourmand palates and more.