Pistocchi Pure Chocolate Cake With Strawberries - 400gr

Pistocchi Pure Chocolate Cake With Strawberries - 400gr

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Strawberries and chocolate, the maximum expression of pleasure - Torta Pistocchi paid homage to this incredible duo, by creating in 2009 its chocolate cake with strawberries. Why is this cake so unforgettable? Because it contains more than 30% of candied strawberries.

This cake is softer than the classic Pistocchi cake, since the cake mixture contains not only semi-candied strawberries, which were cut and spread all over the mixture by hand, but also their candying juice. The result is a soft cake with a delicate flavour and the amazing sensory properties of strawberry.


Eat it with a fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream or with custard ice cream.

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