Spaghetti Hammurabi with Einkorn Whole Wheat Flour - 500gr

Spaghetti Hammurabi with Einkorn Whole Wheat Flour - 500gr

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HAMMURABI is a noble ancient grain of the monococcus species (10,000 BC), progenitor of all grains selected by man throughout its history. Appreciated since Mesopotamian times for its nutritional properties, this species holds the secret of a food tradition handed down for centuries which today, exclusively, LA PASTA DI CAMERINO brings back to the tables of Italians.

Perfect for those who do Sports and for an Active Life!

Pasta Hammurabi is a millenary excellence, worked through a unique process that enhances the natural characteristics of wheat: in addition to a high protein content (22%) and a great contribution in terms of fibers and nutrients, Hammurabi semolina has an INDEX OF GLUTEN less than 15%, so low as to make Hammurabi pasta highly digestible, ideal for athletes and for those seeking well-being at all ages. This value is typical of ancient monococcus grains and is different from modern grains which normally have a much higher gluten index.

Product Features:

  • Ancient monococco wheat: Noble ancient grain 100% Italian
  • High protein content: high protein content
  • High digestibility: low gluten index below 15%
  • High content of phosphorus, iron and magnesium


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