Terpenes – 30ml

Terpenes – 30ml

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Our Terpene is made of 100% natural.

Made from France.


Terpenes are volatile elements, we always recommend to keep them cold in the fridge, in this way you will avoid possible evaporation during the use.

Remember that while using the terpenes the temperature should not exceed 60 ° C to avoid the evaporation of most volatile terpenes.


Always keep our terpenes in their original packaging because the dark glass used is UV rays’ proof and is perfect for the conservation of thermo or photosensitive products; in this way you can avoid color changes, losses or contamination, (terpenes are corrosive and can damage other materials such a plastic)


The cannabis terpenes profile is a perfect mixture of terpenes, with exactly the same profile of an extraction of cannabis.


Terpenes from 100% organic. Made with the highest quality raw materials, free of pesticides or polluting agents.


Cannabis terpenes profiles have endless applications but they are mainly used to provide aroma and flavor of the specific cannabis varieties to all types of products such as: E-liquids, Food and beverages.


They are also used to formulate and add flavor to several kinds of cosmetic products (creams, balsams, perfumes, etc.) They are suitable for all sorts of instruments and systems for aromatherapy (diffusers, candles, essential oils, etc.)


Our terpenes are 100% pure, without adding or solvents. You should handle them with caution. Our product can’t be consumed without being diluted (except for tastings in cold vaporizers, in which you should use pure terpene). Once diluted in the right proportion, the product will be totally safe and takes all the benefits of our terpenes.


1ml of terpenes = 40 drops

30ml of terpenes = 600 drops


We always recommend testing from less to greater quantity, because our terpenes provide an intense flavor and aroma easily.


We always recommend apply the terpenes during cold processes, trying to avoid the strong pressure changes (ex. Vaccuum); in this way the terpenes will not evaporate and they will perfectly integrate in your recipe.


Here you have some examples of the proportions suggested for food & drinks:


Ice cream: Approx. 0.025ml of Terpenes to 0.1ml for 1kg Ice cream.

Beer: Approx. 1ml of Terpenes for 3L of beer.